Property Maintenance Tips

Painters on Demand specializes in preventative facilities maintenance. Keeping your facilities and offices looking well maintained is a top priority, it is also essential to maintain them for health and safety reasons. There are many factors that play a part in why buildings need preventative maintenance, such as cracked and faded paint, in addition to mold and mildew. Here are some things to focus on when looking into preventative facilities maintenance:

Cleanliness Keeping your facilities clean should be on the top of every facilities managers priority list. The cleanliness of your buildings are vital for not only the look of it, but the utility of the building as well. Walls should specifically be cleaned regularly and repainted in order to maintain a corporate / franchising guidelines.

Repairs High traffic facilities are prone to damage over time. Ensure to do routine inspections in order to prevent problems in the future. Issues that should be looked for include cracks in the walls and paint / coating failure. Paint maintenance is important with potential problems including metal corrosion, rotting wood, and infestations due to exposure to moisture, bacteria, and pests. But with consistent inspections, repairs should remain minimal and bigger problems will be avoided.

With frequent maintenance and upkeep issues can be easily avoided. Painters on Demand offers a pre-scheduled, Paintenance program that addresses signs like these. Whether it be a quarterly, monthly, or yearly visit- we’ll keep your facilities looking pristine.