paint·enance | ˈpānt(ə)nəns | the act of maintaining the paint quality and image of a given facility by providing an ongoing solution for professional paint services.

Paintenance provides automated programs that saves management's time, money, and minimizes risk to your brand with a 30% cost savings.

Our innovative paint service solutions take the headaches off your plate, freeing up your valuable time to focus on more pressing needs.

The beauty of any place comes from its aesthetic appeal. The design of an interior and exterior affects how people experience the space. It can create a powerful, and essential, part of our daily lives because design affects how we live, work, play, and even heal. Visual elements, like colors, can have an influence on occupants/visitor behaviors, productivity levels, moods and attitudes.

Paintenance aims to keep homes, workplaces and public spaces comfortable, functional, beautiful and pristine for lasting occupant or visitor enjoyment.